Wednesday, May 18, 2011

January 2011 - May 18, 2011


My van decided it didn't want to say running after working an overnight shift. Had to call Steve to come get me (thank God it was Saturday am). Decided, I needed a car fast. Went to BHPH and got a Passatt; after about 2 weeks the Passatt didn't want to start so it sat it the driveway next to the van for about 3 days. Took both to mechanic and was told van not worth fixing and that I needed to take the Passatt back because it was a lemon that had been canabalized. Took it back and dropped it off ($1000 down the drain and still no running vehicle). Between Steve, Tesha, and Tesha's friend, Alyssa, I was able to make it back and forth to work.


I'm officially done! Car problems and not seeing my family (working 4p-12a or 12a-8a most of the week). Steve and I talked about it. I quit my job at The Samaritan Inn. Cut our bring home income down to $1900 month.

Tax Refund $8600


Lindsey received a notice in the mail about being chosen as a National High Schools Honor Student because of her academic achievements. Way too go, Lins!

Tesha quit Texas Subs after being offered a position at Great Western Dining (the kitchen in Caron Rehab)--she works Monday - Friday 8 a - 3p. Her and her friend, Andrew, are talking about getting a place after he graduates in June.

Steve and I found 2 properties side by side for sale by the lake for $28k (they need work). The one is a SW mobile home and the other a DW mobile home they sit on like 1.25 acres total. We made an offer to purchase for $8K down and payments at 6% for the remaining $20K. The realtor said that the seller had already turned down an offer to sell through owner financing--I said "OK". About an hour later the realtor called back and said that he talked to the owner and she said that she'd do it. We closed on the property a couple weeks later. Tesha and Andrew are going to move into the SW and the rest of us into the DW. (Yeah--she's not moving too far away from me.) Plan is to move when school is out beginning of June.

I had listed the septic tank and power pole that we had purchased for Farmerville on CL shortly after deciding that Farmersville was not the move for us. Kept wondering why they weren't selling---well, come to find out we need a power pole for our DW. (God always knows!)


Started searching Craigslist and Freecycle. Pretty much got Tesha everything for her house for $300 (silverware, appliances, living room set, towels, ---- everything all she needs is a stove).

Steve and I got sub floor for the whole house (free CL), carpet for all the living room and all 4 bedrooms (free CL & FC), we got some cabinets for the kitchen (some free CL and the rest $100 CL) we bought 4 ceiling fans (CL $95) and we bought some paint, kitchen sink, and counter tops at Restore (they sell donated building supplies to support Habitat for Humanity) spent $65. We cleaned out all the garbage/furniture etc... out of the homes (including carpet/pad). We installed 80% of the subfloor.

Through FC and CL: we have been able to get a home stereo with 100 disk CD player, 100 + cassette tapes, 20 + CD's, lots of clothes for whole family, kitchen supplies (like steamer, electric skillet, deep fryer, dishes, area rugs, curtains, towels, etc...... FREE! ---- God truly does supply, not only your needs but also a lot of your wants.

Steve and I listed our current home on CL at the end of April -- got a few calls but all ended up to be no shows.

New pet additions: Tasha got a Ferret (Sammy) with 3 story cage/accessories $25 CL, Trinity got a hamster (Baby) cage(s)/accessories from neighbor $10, Lindsey got 4 Rats and 3 story cage/accessories $25 CL (2 died), and Jakob got a dwarf hamster (Butters), cage(s) and accessories for $25 CL. So we now have all of the mentioned as well as Daphne & Izzy (original dogs) and Jakobs dog, Patches. Tesha and Alyssa's dogs -- Snuggles and Nala; and Andrews dog (out at SW) Norma Jean.


Frustrated, I made a sign "for sale" and taped it in the front window. We want to move when school is out.

I've really been missing all my friends from back home. Haven't made any friends like that here. As I sat crying in the bathtub--God said, "You'd have friends like that here if you'd have listened." He's right, about a month after we moved here he started giving me signs as to where we were supposed to go to church; First Baptist Church of Princeton. Needless, to say we let everything else get in the way and have still not even visited a church.

Put an ad on CL for coupon classes. Also created coupon manual and listed on Ebay.

We decided to use 3 of the ceiling fans we purchased to replace 3 in our current home and also used 2 of the bedroom carpets, and some paint to redo 2 of the bedrooms in our current home.

Saturday ---knock on door. Tony saw the sign and wanted more information and came in and shared his story about his sister needing a place to get her and her 2 children away from spouse who is an addict/alcoholic. He wanted to deal Cash and 1997 Harley Davidson motorcycle so that he could buy her a place. Steve told him that we didn't need a motorcycle nor did we want one. I intervened and told Tony we'd talk about it then let him know. After Tony left Steve and I talked about how Tony was doing it for his sister and how we'd never been hurt by helping others and that we could sell the motorcycle. Steve called Tony and let him know that we'd do $2500 cash and the Harley.

Have had several purchases of coupon manual Ebay and have had a lot of replies to coupon class ad on CL.

Started looking for more supplies for our DW on CL and FC. We got 3 more ceiling fans and 2 ceiling lights (Free, CL) we got like 15 gallons of paint, basketball goal, 2 girls bikes, some planters, and other yard stuff (Free FC).

Day before Mothers Day, man from CL came and purchased Septic Tank $950.

On Mothers Day, we were driving out to the property and saw a "Plants for Sale" sign by the road. We stopped in and bought $36 worth of plants for our new yard.

The next day, Tesha took off work early and she and I went to the water company and the electric company. We scheduled turn on of electric on hers and water on both properties (we need to install power pole and hire electrician). (OOP- $605)

Tony called and said they were approved through park. We scheduled time to do paperwork and collect money $2500 ( Thursday May 12 --our 20 year anniversary). Steve and I took all the kids out to Pandas for dinner for our anniversary and Lindsey's b'day May 11. (OOP $107)

May 13 --- I went to get the building permits, scheduled the electrician, and went and paid our electric deposit/membership/etc.... and got plates for Steves truck. (OOP $$578)

May 14 & 15 --- we spent the weekend cleaning up the yard (hauling off all the junk), Steve fixing Tesha's plumbling, and the electrician, Robert (OOP $600), and Steve fixing Teshas electric and ours. Went to a few garage sales --- got some summer clothes, dishwasher ($15)--great since we agreed to leave our refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. Got some home decor also. (Spent like $40 not including dishwasher--and the car was loaded). Kids are talking about being home-schooled again after we move. Found new in the box vinyl siding on CL enough to do DW and garage bought for $600.

Monday May 16 -- I called the electric company to let them know that the electrician was finished and they scheduled turn on for tomorrow. Lindsey received award at school today for Academic Excellence in World Geography.

Tesha, Andrew, and Alyssa have been going out there cleaning and organizing theirs. Oh yeah, Alyssa is now moving in with them. (The 3 Musketeers).

Have 2 coupon classes scheduled this week: Thursday May 19 a one on one, and Saturday May 21 an in-home group class.


Wow, the year went by really fast!!! Lots happened.

Steve's boss and his wife got fired from the park then about three months later, Steve got offered a maintenance position with Caron Rehab---more per hour, insurance, and 18 paid days a year. Of course he took it!

Tesha was taken off the schedule at Subway/Exon with no explanation of why. She got a new job working for Texas subs.

I didn't agree with the way they did Tesha as well as a few other employees and I went to Texas subs (actually I went first). Then after becoming store manager I decided that it wasn't really working for our family; then I was told about The Samaritan Inn and took a position there as a Program Specialist. More money, benefits, and 20 paid days a year.

The kids are all doing great in school. Jakob got on the 7th grade football team (ooohhhh, I'm scared!) He loves it though and is doing pretty good. Lindsey is consistently bringing homes A's & B's. Tasha sooooo social---going to parties, dances, goes to church with some neighborhood girls every Wednesday night, etc....... Trinity knows all the kids at school and in the neighborhood and is going to church with the little girl across the street.

We were going to move out to Farmersville with Steve's ex-boss and his wife. They found 4 acres and we were going in on it with them. They of course, had to move first. After helping them get all settled in---Steve contacted the water company about installing a water meter on our part; he was told that we'd have to pay for the engineer to do a new blueprint/whatever (we didn't have that kind of money). Our friends said that we could just tap into theirs. After researching---found that was illegal and could incur fines up to $10K, jail time, and they'd pull our friends meter. We decided that this wasn't going to work so we are not moving to Farmersville; but at least we helped them get their new life started.