Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I finally get it, DUH! Sometimes it takes me a while, LOL.

Our friends all know that moving to Texas was not in our plan. We were going to Arizona, live simply (closer to pioneering days). We had been planning this for some time. When God finally revealed that we weren't moving to Arizona instead we were going to Texas; we were confused. However, we listened to God and did exactly what he told us to.

We've been here almost 9 months. While I was talking to a friend of ours, Mindy, on the phone the other day; it hit me. God did move us back to a simplier life. Just our perception of simplier got way out of whack. I had prayed for a 100% honest and truthful relationship with my husband. Wow, be careful when doing so; truths came out that I didn't even know existed (after 16 years of marriage). We worked through them and our relationship became stronger. The move--took us back to the life we had when we first got married (18 years earlier,except for this time we were Christians). God took us back to where we started! He took us to a place where we didn't know anyone so that we could work on us. He didn't allow Steve to find a job for 1 1/2 months---although we didn't know it then--he did this so that we could build upon our relationship (family first). God is soooo good; he always knows exactly what we need!

So what is the DUH? --- God brought us back to our beginning so that we could start our relationship over but this time with Jesus as our center.

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