Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Wow, the year went by really fast!!! Lots happened.

Steve's boss and his wife got fired from the park then about three months later, Steve got offered a maintenance position with Caron Rehab---more per hour, insurance, and 18 paid days a year. Of course he took it!

Tesha was taken off the schedule at Subway/Exon with no explanation of why. She got a new job working for Texas subs.

I didn't agree with the way they did Tesha as well as a few other employees and I went to Texas subs (actually I went first). Then after becoming store manager I decided that it wasn't really working for our family; then I was told about The Samaritan Inn and took a position there as a Program Specialist. More money, benefits, and 20 paid days a year.

The kids are all doing great in school. Jakob got on the 7th grade football team (ooohhhh, I'm scared!) He loves it though and is doing pretty good. Lindsey is consistently bringing homes A's & B's. Tasha sooooo social---going to parties, dances, goes to church with some neighborhood girls every Wednesday night, etc....... Trinity knows all the kids at school and in the neighborhood and is going to church with the little girl across the street.

We were going to move out to Farmersville with Steve's ex-boss and his wife. They found 4 acres and we were going in on it with them. They of course, had to move first. After helping them get all settled in---Steve contacted the water company about installing a water meter on our part; he was told that we'd have to pay for the engineer to do a new blueprint/whatever (we didn't have that kind of money). Our friends said that we could just tap into theirs. After researching---found that was illegal and could incur fines up to $10K, jail time, and they'd pull our friends meter. We decided that this wasn't going to work so we are not moving to Farmersville; but at least we helped them get their new life started.

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